Sunday, July 5, 2009

New York, Day 2

Yesterday afternoon we had the privelege of watching the New York Philharmonic play, an amazing Symphony Orchestra. They played a straight-up American Set, with three pieces by Gershwin, the "Appalachian Spring Suite" by Copland, and three marches by John Philip Sousa. They opened with the Star-Spangled Banner and closed with the Stars and Stripes forever (an encore). It was ironically conducted by a British conductor, who was hilarious, and apologized for the events of 1776, among other appropriate and humorous comments.

Last night we went to see the fireworks, and by the time we got to the area, the NYPD had closed off the area, for it was full. There were rivers of people streaming along the streets and the cars couldn't get anywhere. So we stopped on the street with hundreds of others hoping we could see something. When they started, they were barely appearing over a building, so we went over to where we had a better street view, and a had a pretty fair display of partial fireworks. It was very fun. Then the rivers of people (even larger this time) streamed the other direction, and we slowly found our way to our hotel.

Yay America!!

I am hoping to get picture on the next post (cross your fingers and fold your hands).

Blessings to all of you!

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Old_Guy said...


Sounds to me like you had the quintesenntial "New York experience..." thousands of people, all focused, yet gettiung nowhere and really enjoying the journey, each in his (or her) own way. Blessings and healing...