Friday, July 3, 2009

New York, Day 0

Hi Everyone.

My Mom and I fly at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow.

A few prayer requests. 1) There has been a flu going around my house. I am now 1 one of the only 2 individuals here who has not gotten sick (the other is my Mom, thank God). Please pray that I make it though tonight and tomorrow 'til I'm OUT OF HERE - well, please. It would be really good to not have to be sick right before this trip, especially on a day when flying.
2) My right ear is currently clogged with earwax, which I did inadvertently when I was trying to CLEAN it with a Q-Tip yestreday. Today we were trying Hydrogen Peroxide to clean it out and got some, but it's still there. Please pray that somehow I may be able to have my full hearing back for when we play and whatnot.
Last, pray for our safety and the safety of about 25 other kids and multiple parents who will be flying over tomorrow. My mom and I have to find our way by train and subway to Manhattan from the JFK airport, pray that that goes smoothly.

All is packed, now time for sleep.
The Lord's will be done.

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