Friday, June 20, 2008

Written 6/13/08

It's ending...but what's ending?
It's over...but no tears
Do I care?

"All this / Beauty / might have to close your eyes / and slowly / open wide ......... and watch the s u n r i s e"

But it's a sunset and it's pale--disturbed clamour short and frail.

I grow into myself not out. I grow taller but as my head gets farther
from my feet
it's harder to believe that I can fly.

My eyes have seen the angel and the monster but it's harder to see ("All this beauty") every day.

God's inside me and sometimes I forget
am I scared to lead--or scared to be led?

We sigh and lie and cry and fly than fall

and die..

But by and by we'll live a life [if we believe and confess] -- that is the life that's "waiting to begin"

Today as we dream we must light the fire that burns in souls on anointed oil
One day we'll awake and burn so bright in the light that is not overcome.

When our "poor bodies" depart
It's an end
---but a start (<..."it's ending"...>)

every end is a beginning 'cause the last end begins


in a "world without end"...

Sometimes I doubt like Thomas
But I want to believe like Thomas More
and die nobly
I want to believe with a faith that will show me the scars on His hands

Show me Why
Show me the reason

Help me to say Goodbye ("God be with you")

Show me faith
Show mt perspective

Help me to Hope

Show me beauty
Show me Glory

Help me to Love

Show me truth
Show me eternity

(...It's been put in my heart...)

Nothing I have wasn't given me
Nothing I am wasn't from You

Thank you.

Collosians 3:1-3

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Sarah Kim said...

Wow, I loved your poem. I especially liked your last few lines. It was so deep...I read it over four times, and I know there's still so much more meaning in it. Thank you so much for posting it, Jared. It was really encouraging. :)