Saturday, June 28, 2008


This movie was scary and depressing in a way.
But irrationally hopeful.
and Cute.
And funny, much reason for laughter and glee.

Some thoughts:

It was unconsciously (I assume) a defense for the concept of a soul. It made me think. And even though it was a robot, the whole point was that it was endowed with Human attributes and emotion, even if in a limited fashion.
So when a robot that is all metal and chips and programming and replaceable parts and solar energy begins to make choices - have feelings - remember things? There must be something inside it that is completely separate from parts - from matter. Wall-E had a soul. And while I believe this would be impossible, it made me remember:
Humans have souls. And I think that undeniable part of us that must be completely seperate from matter is inexplicable without bringing a divine creator into the equation. Additionally, when all that matter - that body - dies, what happens to the soul? Does it just dissapear? *poof*

I'd argue that the soul lives on.

Oh, and haha, have you ever imagined a robot with a slight case of amnesia either?

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